The Queensland Wine Industry Association (QWIA) is an organization of wine grape growers, wine producers and associated organisations and individuals whose wine activity is defined by being located in Queensland. Note that “wine” has the meaning of the national food codes as well as Queensland State licensing requirements, namely the product of the complete or partial fermentation of fresh grapes, or a mixture of that product and products derived solely from grapes.

QWIA is the recognised affiliate in Queensland for Wine Australia, the national organization with Federal Government funding with the role of promoting Australian wine.

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Regular newsletters containing key marketing and technical information relevant to the Queensland wine industry, information on industry representation, technical seminars, training opportunities and marketing initiatives.

Industry Representation

-- Representation to Queensland and Federal Governments.
-- Obtaining grant funding for the industry.
-- Representation on key national industry bodies – GWRDC, AWRI, Wine Australia.
-- Representation with Tourism organisations.

Technical and Education

-- Reduced entry fee for QWIA wine shows 
-- Opportunities to participate in technical seminars at reduced cost.
-- Opportunities to participate in Wine Education classes at reduced cost
-- Access to training and opportunities for associate judges.

Marketing and Commercial

-- Listing on QWIA web site (including Vine&Shine) and access to Social Media activities by QWIA on behalf of members.
-- Assistance in developing of regional identities for Qld wine regions.
-- Representation in collaboration with organisations such as Sommeliers’ Associations etc. as part of QWIA’s efforts to engage with trade associations.


-- Entry to Emerging Varieties Challenge and Queensland Wine Awards including the dinner as well as discounted entry to affiliated wine shows.
-- Access to supplier discounts as negotiated with sponsors & industry discounts with associated member businesses.


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To facilitate the pursuit of excellence in the production of Queensland wines, encourage the promotion of Queensland wines, and to deliver leadership to the Queensland Wine Industry.


PO Box 207
Stanthorpe, QLD 4380
0408 814 339
Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm


  • Queensland Wine Awards Entries Now Open
    Entries for the Queensland Wine Award are now open and close 10am Wednesday 13th September 2023. We would like to acknowledge and thank "The Star" for their continuing support of the Queensland Wine Industry.