The Hungry Horse story is an interesting one. Let’s just say it involves a bludging relief teacher and a problem solving task set to kill time. We’ve all had those relief teachers, let’s face it. Funnily enough, this was an interesting lesson from winemaker Peter McGlashan’s school days which has stuck for whatever reason.

But what about the wine? A blend of Mourvedre, Tempranillo and Grenache all contributing 33% each, the wine was made with the specific intention to be food friendly and was based on some Spanish styles. The objective has certainly been achieved.

Medium to full bodied, there’s an underlying granite minerality to the fruit. A savoury spice jumps from the glass followed by some cherries, mulberry and plum fruit. Some cheeky spice raises its head again chiming in on the finish.

I’m thinking salami pizza or chorizo to match. Even bangers and mash. A very good wine which I’d happily drink glasses of (I couldn’t stop filling it up). Drop the price a notch or two and it would become even more attractive.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $28
Reviewed by Queensland Wine, June 2014