Adrian Tobin is a passionate and driven individual who takes considerable pride in his vineyard and the wines he produces. At 75 years of age, his enthusiasm is infectious. All of his wines are named after his grandchildren, and of the 14 wines on his list, half are already sold out. The wines are single varietals produced in small batches and no blending takes place.

“We pick, crush and ferment without manipulating anything,” he says.

In the glass, the aromas from this Shiraz suggest it is a dense wine. Not the case. A lovely expression of cool climate Shiraz is highlighted by dark fruits, chocolate, a vanilla kick and a spice punch on the finish. Elegant describes the delivery best.

I bought one for the cellar to revisit in a few years.

Very good.

Region: Granite Belt
RRP: $45
Reviewed by Queensland Wine, November 11 2014