In its 37th year, the Queensland Wine Awards is a celebration of our industry recognising excellence in winemaking, viticulture and the contributions made by individuals and businesses in progressing our industry. This event is our annual region wine show – for the whole of Queensland. It provides a marker for the current excellence to be found in Queensland Wines.

The aim of the Queensland Wine Awards is to celebrate the achievements of the wine industry in Queensland. This is done via the formal judging of bottled wine by respected, experienced show judges. Show results are disseminated back to the industry, with the intent of allowing this learning to lead to improved quality in viticulture and wine production.

As well as awards for wines, there are awards and recognition for individuals, associations and businesses that contribute to Queensland wine. Individuals, associations and businesses related to wine in Queensland are encouraged to attend the awards dinner.

In 2021 we include wines made in Queensland but from grapes grown outside Queensland. These wines are eligible for medals but not trophies.

Classes for Wine Judging

White Wine, Dry, Any Vintage

  1. Verdelho, single variety
  2. Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc, single variety
  3. Chardonnay
  4. Italian white varieties, single variety
  5. Dry white varietal wine other than wines eligible for classes 1 to 4
  6. Dry white blends such as Semillon-Sauvignon Blanc

Red Wine, Dry, Any Vintage

  1. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, single variety
  2. Shiraz or Shiraz Viognier
  3. Italian red varieties, single variety
  4. Dry red varietal wine other than wines eligible for classes 7 to 9
  5. Dry red blends

Rose / Light Red Style Wines

  1. Rose or light Red, Early Release red, Dry or slightly off-dry styles (<10g/L r.s.)

Fruity, Semi Sweet and Medium Sweet Style Wines

  1. White – fruity, semi sweet and medium sweet styles, including Moscato.
  2. Rose or Red – fruity, semi sweet, and medium sweet styles, including Moscato.

Dessert Wines, Fortified Wines.

  1. Dessert Whites – dessert styles, rich and luscious, >60g/L r.s.
  2. Fortified wines – all styles

Sparkling Wine

  1. Sparkling wine – red or white

Museum, Provenance and Alternative Style Classes

  1. Museum Class – Red (2016 or earlier) or white (2018 or earlier)
  2. Provenance Class. Requires the submission of at least three (3) vintages of any wine of the same variety.
  3. Alternative Styles / Special Interest Wines

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