Queensland Wine Week (May 30 -June 7) will kick off on May 30th to join in the celebrations for Aussie Wine Month (May), the country’s biggest annual celebration of Australian wine, with our first scheduled event being our Granite Belt road-trip on Sunday 31st May.

Queensland Wine Week, now in its third year, joins forces with Aussie Wine Month, itself in its fourth year, to encourage wine drinkers to discover the diversity, quality and regionality of Queensland wine, and share their discoveries by including #QLDWineWeek and #AussieWineMonth in their social media posts.

We know Queenslanders love Aussie wine but what Queensland Wine Week is all about is discovering what’s on our own doorstep, something new to love, whether that’s the wines of a new winemaker or a grape variety they’ve never tasted  before.

A full list of Queensland Wine Week events including tastings, dinners, winery visits can be found at QLD Wine Week.

Share your experiences by including  #QLDWineWeek on social  media.